Get political in Dragon Commander

One of the biggest elements in Larian Studios’ Divinity: Dragon Commander is the three level play system that lets you make political, strategic and battlefield level decisions. Today’s interactive video takes a closer look at the politics portion of the game and lets you actually make some choices like the ones that’ll be in the final game.

Talking to your set of royal advisors is definitely for a lot more than setting up battles as you can see. The role-playing elements in Dragon Commander actually have a good deal with running the empire in general and not just combat. I had kind of assumed that it was just the latter, but I’m more than happy to see Larian expanding the gameplay and including decisions that affect to lives of subjects as well as what happens on the field of war.

If you’re into the political bent by the way, developer Larian Studios has also shared some of their thoughts on the choices that you can make in the game. It’s well worth a look as there’s plenty of things that the piece touches on that affect the real world and the often questionable ethics that exist therein. You can find that here.

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Divinity: Dragon Commander will see release on the PC on August 6th.

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