Get ready for Hellboy in Hell with the Hellboy timeline

If you follow BPRD and Hellboy (which you should), then you might not really need a primer for the forthcoming Hellboy in Hell book. Then again… you might.

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It’s funny to think, but old hornhead has actually been around for quite a while now and he’s had one hell of a twisted journey on his way to his newest book Hellboy in Hell that is one the way soon from publisher Dark Horse Comics.

And to that end, Dark Horse has been kind enough to provide fans (and prospective fans) a snapshot of Red’s tussles withe the supernatural to make sure you’re all caught up.

Hellboy in Hell leaps onto retail shelves on December 5th, but while you’re waiting for the book to debut why not check out the excellent BPRD?

Seriously one of the best books on shelves today (or yesterday for that matter), BPRD follows the government-sponsored, paranormal defense squad and really fleshes out the Hellboy universe. From Plague of Frogs to Hell on Earth, these are some amazingly cool tales that any fan of horror/action/adventure/creepy stuff would really enjoy- I recommend all of ’em wholeheartedly.

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