Ghost Stalkers tracks down the ‘Grail’ of evidence

This week’s edition of Destination America’s Ghost Stalkersmay have the best proof yet of the paranormal with something that the team is calling the Holy Grail of proof.

In Sunday’s episode, John E.L. Tenney and Chad Lindberg investigate a mysterious vortex at the abandoned Old Taylor Memorial Hospital in Hawkinsville, Georgia. In its heyday, Old Taylor Memorial was the only hospital around for miles, where life began – and ended – for thousands of people. John and Chad negotiate a storm of paranormal activity over the course of two harrowing nights. Their investigation culminates with an astonishing discovery caught on camera that most researchers spend their entire lives hoping for. Tune in to see for yourself!

For anyone who’s into the supernatural, you know that something that definitively proves something to be ‘real’ in that realm is extremely hard to come by. Not that there’s any shortage of photographic proof mind you, as there’s plenty and some that even goes back to the time before… photoshop (shock!). It’s just that most of what there is is decidedly ‘iffy’ in nature.

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What the Ghost Stalkers are promising here though, is anything but. Hopefully, it’ll live up to the hype. While you wait for this Sunday’s special episode of the show though, have a peek at co-host Chad Lindberg’s reaction reel to the unexplained and things that generally go bump in the night. You’re bound to get a laugh out of it.

Then make sure to tune in to Destination America on Sunday, November 2nd at 10pm/9pm central to get a look at the (again, hopefully) real deal.

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