Ghostbusters 3 teaser trailer arrives, hitting theaters in 2020

Set in the original Ghostbusters universe, Ghostbusters 3 will feature Jason Reitman in the directing chair and hit theaters next year.

Busting still makes me feel good

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Ghostbusters movie. No, no – I mean an actual Ghostbusters movie, not something that tried to turn the series into something new. What I’m talking about is an actual sequel that would move the original series into the new millennium. And guess what? Fans are getting just that.

Well, I hope that’s what’s on the way anyway, since I’m as big a fan of the original movies as anyone. It’s still unclear just what the new Ghostbusters (presumably GB3) will offer, but so far it’s sounding solid.

Original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman’s son Jason will be helming the project. And this isn’t something that he’s really ever wanted to do either, but apparently the director had an idea, and it’s one that his dad really digs. That’s almost enough for me to get pumped for this movie, but then this little teaser dropped today.

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Return to form

More or less, it seems like we’re seeing the rebirth of the ‘Busters here. There’s an ECTO-1 that’s clearly been in mothballs, and someone testing the ghostbusting gear. We don’t get to see who, but all of the staple sights and sounds are there, not to mention the music, which is a distinct callback to the first Ghostbusters film.

So far, so far, all of the care and attention to detail that you’d want as a fan are present. That’s great to see. Though be warned that the elder Reitman is also calling this a “passing of the torch” according to the SuperHeroHype interview linked above. So we’ll definitely be seeing a new team this go-around. As a big fan I don’t mind that, but I do hope that there’ll be a few original cast members in there too. Even if it’s only actor Dan Ackroyd’s Ray.

But even though there will be new characters, there will be no link to the not-so-well-loved reboot in 2016. That’s a pretty important bit right there. Oh, and presumably we’ll be seeing a lot more on this new movie sooner than later.

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It’s dated for a 2020 launch.

Source: SuperHeroHype

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