Go behind the scenes with WWE 2K22’s dev updates

Go behind the scenes with WWE 2K22’s dev updates

WWE wrestling games return this year. But before WWE 2K22 hits, you’ll be able to see how work is progressing thanks to a new developer series.

Ring the damn bell

After a year out of the ring, 2K’s WWE series of wrestling games is ready to shake off the rust here in 2021. The simulation-style series is being worked on by developer Visual Concepts, and seems to be making its way to gaming platforms this fall.

But even though the end is in sight, it’s been a long road even getting to this point. Completely overhauling the flagging series from its disastrous 2019 outing couldn’t have been an easy task after all. Since we are in the home stretch though, 2K is letting fans behind the scenes, to see just what all is going into this rebirth.

The new Dev Update series will be delivered via video messages via 2K’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. There you’ll find “ongoing access to work-in-progress production and development.”

Promising frequent and in-depth communication with press, content creators and the WWE 2Kcommunity, the Visual Concepts team will offer a transparent look at the work being done to make a great WWE 2K22 experience, as well as the first steps toward an even stronger franchise in the future. Check back for regular updates over the coming weeks, touching on many elements of the game including character models, arena designs, motion capture, facial scanning, audio samples, material textures, and more.


Interesting line there, about “the first steps toward an even stronger franchise in the future”. Tempting to read something into that, but we’ll just have to wait and see what the finished product looks like before we can tell.

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In any event, stay tuned. There’ll be tons more to come about WWE 2K22 before launch.

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