Go to Comic Con anytime with The Devastator’s new App

A mobile game that lets you experience the long lines, pain and misery -uh I mean joy- of SDCC? Sign us up.

The Devastator is a comedy magazine and you can more than tell that that’s exactly the thought behind Comic-Con Star Stalker. The mobile game stars Seth, a young geek in attendance at the biggest comic show of the year. His mission is a simple one; chase down as many incognito stars as possible and harass them for signatures.

If you’ve ever been to the show, then you know that’s actually a pretty accurate description of SDCC- just minus the stunningly long lines and random gas clouds. Unlike Comic Con though, Comic-Con Star Stalker never ends. The game is an ‘endless runner’ where you’ll guide Seth through crowds and past bodyguards to claim his prizes. You can even check out your swag in the game’s autograph book.

The Devastator will be at booth #F-03 on the show floor. so stop by and say ‘hi’. As for the game, that’s available right now on the App Store- grab it for the iPhone or iPad; both versions are free.

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