Gods & Monsters may be going under a different title now

Gods & Monsters may be going under a different title now

Way back in the before times, otherwise known as 2019, Ubisoft revealed at that year’s E3 a new title that they had been working on called Gods & Monsters. Based on ancient mythological creatures with a very cartoon-like art style, it looked like part Assassin’s Creed and part Breath of the Wild. Ever since that quick announcement, we have yet to hear a single word on the project from Ubisoft. But there may finally be something new about the game that was just recently discovered—a possible name rebrand for Gods & Monsters.

Originally discovered by Gematsu on Twitter, the Taiwanese rating board has posted a listing for a game named Immortals: Fenyx Rising with PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch listed as platforms for its release. This is almost certainly a rebrand for Gods & Monsters based on what we know about the game so far. Especially after some news surrounding it that dropped recently that I am sure Ubisoft wasn’t very happy about. A small gameplay preview of the game was posted on Reddit (which is long gone by now) from an alleged Google Stadia version.

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The game will very likely release next year in 2021, and if the game has been rebranded, it wouldn’t surprise me to see it at the next Ubisoft Forward stream, which is supposed to happen sometime soon. We do have an idea when that “soon” will be at least though. According to an Ubisoft Q1 earnings call, the next stream will happen in September. Gods & Monsters was specifically mentioned in the call, as was Rainbow Six Quarantine.

The Gods have not abandoned us

Considering how little we have seen or heard about these titles since last year, it is definitely in Ubisoft’s best interest to let the public know that these games still exist. I doubt Ubisoft wants a Bayonetta 3 situation where people are still wondering if the game is even still in development. The last Ubisoft Forward stream didn’t exactly wow a lot of people, so it would be ideal for Ubisoft if the next one had some big hitters in it to show off to the public.

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