Gollum release window falls after March

Gollum release window falls after March

Gollum just can’t seem to catch a break, no matter the medium. As spotted by GameSpot, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum‘s release window (following a recent delay) has fallen to publisher Nacon’s fiscal year 2023-24. The earliest we’ll see the slinking character will be April 2023.

The news came out of a recent Nacon earnings report. According to the details, LOTR: Gollum is scheduled for a release window of April to September 2023. That’s a fairly large window, comprised of five months. And there’s no real concrete evidence that the game won’t see an additional delay.

The release window for Gollum has been pushed more than once before. Initially planned for a 2021 outing, the game got pushed to 2022 with September in the sights. However, it was delayed in July with developer Daedalic Entertainment stating it’ll need ‘a few months’ of additional work before launch. That didn’t quite pan out.

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Image via Daedalic Entertainment

LOTR: Gollum release window is set once more

It’s rough, because we’ve been intrigued with the game so far. An alternate tale following the titular Gollum, players explore the world of JRR Tolkien through his eyes as he uses stealth to stay alive, all the while dealing with his later ego.

Keeping to the shadows and avoiding the patrols of dangerous orcs comprises the core gameplay. There are also ledges and obstacles to climb through both caves and luscious outdoor areas. And while many of use aren’t strangers to stealth action games, playing one as the franchise’s more tragic characters does seem like an interesting way to experience the overarching story.

Regardless, we’ll still have to wait a bit longer for Gollum. The chances are good that 2023 is finally his year, as the game has been in development for quite some time at this point. Of course, we’ll continue to watch out for any changes. If only we can get, I don’t know, some kind of giant eagle to deliver him more swiftly to the end. But that’s crazy.

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