Good Company delivers a great big “Work Smart” update

Good Company delivers a great big “Work Smart” update

Developer Chasing Carrots and publisher The Irregular Corporation have just released a large update that brings a ton of new features to corporate machinery simulator Good Company. The corporation sim is still in Steam Early Access, and this is just one of a long production line of planned updates.

The major highlight with this update is the addition of Work Zones. Anything built in these spaces will automatically have their logistics connections created. This saves you a lot of time setting up logistics and frees up time for you to experiment with different setups. It also lets you do more CEO stuff, like keeping your eye on the bigger picture.

The good highlights

Good Company‘s new update ships in a load of new technology for you to work with. You can now purchase some cutting-edge production machines for metal processing and welding – no humans required. That means less staff and lower overheads. And that means more profit. You can also bring in special conveyor belt segments. You’ll assign these to specific products and raise them off the ground, thus freeing up space for employees. The last bit of new technology is an all-in-one pallet. As with all great pieces of technology, it will save you time and make you money.

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There’s a new Freeplay map in town called Sunny Beach. As the name implies, you’ll find a more chilled out work environment there. You can also change market phases manually on the Freeplay map.

If you’ve been slacking off, all this new corporate talk might sound a little overwhelming. Fear not, future-CEO, the Good Company update has new tutorials to catch you up on how everything works. You’ll be running the place in no time.

Good Company Tutorial

The tutorials will teach you everything you need to know about running a business.

Good Company has a long and detailed road ahead as it progresses through Early Access. Chasing Carrots has spent a great deal of time focusing on player feedback. It urges all budding corporate tycoons to continue sharing their thoughts.

If you’d like to develop a product in your garage and try to grow it into a corporate powerhouse, then Good Company is available for PC through Steam for $24.99.

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