Google Game Search Redesign

Google is at the forefront of everything, from information
to videos to email to pictures, and video games are no different. Recently,
Google seems to have been testing a new search interface specifically for video
games. This new interface will include various tabs, all dedicated to enhancing
the search information for the average gamer.

As you can see below, the tabs allow users to see an Overview, Gameplay from the game in questions, Reviews, Songs, Videos, Weapons, Characters and many more. As this is just a test, it’s hard to say if this will be personalised for each game or not. For instance, a weapons tab wouldn’t be very useful when looking up Animal Crossing. Unless the racoon is after you…

The “new” search interface, as shared on Reddit.

Unfortunately, there is almost no information on this, as
the screen shot above was shared on Reddit and appears to have been leaked.
Still, this change is interesting enough to warrant discussion on how things
will change now. Everything is up to Google, as they can choose to include
information from other sites or provide it themselves.

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With the upcoming Google Stadia set to launch in November, many
speculate that Google could be redesigning video game search results in
preparation for said launch. While it certainly seems on theme, there is no
confirmation that this is the case. Although, one can only imagine the kind of
viral marketing Google could do with this redesign, aimed at getting people to
buy their very own Stadia.

Google Current Search
A current Google search of Halo Infinite

To briefly circle back, should all the information be
provided by Google and used as secondary marketing for the Stadia, this could
actually provide less information than regular Googling of a game. However,
should Google support gaming websites by directing more traffic to them through
this redesign, this could really bring gaming information forward. The rest
remains to be seen.

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