Gotham Knights gets two multiplayer co-op modes for free today

Gotham Knights gets two multiplayer co-op modes for free today

So far, it seems that many players and critics felt quite underwhelmed with Gotham Knights. On Metacritic, the PC version received a middling 66 Metascore and a downright abysmal 3.2 user score, and while it fared noticeably better on Steam, it seems clear that it hasn’t really set the world on fire. Even so, those who found something to like in Gotham Knights may enjoy the free update that dropped today. This Gotham Knights update added two new co-op multiplayer modes that seem a bit more substantial than players might initially expect.

The first of these modes, titled Heroic Assault, centers around Starro, the intergalactic starfish-esque conqueror that previously made an appearance in The Suicide Squad film from last year. In this mode, four players can team up and take on a gauntlet of 30 floors located underneath Gotham City. These floors feature all sorts of enemies and challenges to tackle, so players will want to bring their A-game to make it out alive. In addition to Starro, players will have to deal with Man-Bat, who operates under Starro’s influence.

What about the second co-op mode?

The other co-op mode goes by the name Showdown, and it pits two players against iconic villains like Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, Talia al Ghul, and Clayface. These villains already showed up as bosses in the main game, but the Showdown mode supercharges them and makes them much more difficult to defeat than before. Besting these souped-up foes will grant various rewards to players, including a new suit and additional legendary gear blueprints.

Those new to Gotham Knights will have to put in a bit of work before trying out these new co-op modes. Heroic Assault opens up when players get to Case File 05 in the story mode, whereas Showdown will unlock once players conquer the bosses in every “main villain Case File.”

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