Gotham Knights’ Red Hood and Nightwing will get gameplay teasers soon

Gotham Knights' Red Hood and Nightwing will get gameplay teasers soon

We haven’t seen any gameplay of Warner Bros. Montreal’s Gotham Knights since last October when the release date was revealed. But that may be set to change based on today’s announcement. It appears a new gameplay demonstration of Gotham Knights is set for tomorrow morning, this time focusing on two of the bad lads of the Bat crew: Nightwing and Red Hood.

Details are scarce, however. The announcement, showing up in the Gotham Knights Twitter feed, mentions the characters and demonstration date. It also hints that it’ll be showing off the powers of the duo, with an image clearly focused on their weapons. The message reads: “Mission update from the Belfry: Nightwing and Red Hood. Powers Club. Tomorrow. 6 AM PT.” Quick and to the point, just how Red Hood likes it.


Regardless of what’s to be shown, I’m sure fans are looking forward to it. We’ve seen some brief action-packed gameplay of the four heroes — the other two being Robin and Batgirl. However, this appears to be the first in a series of deep dives. Having gameplay of Nightwing batting people with batons in Gotham Knights will no doubt be a treat.

Suit up, beat down

Of course, Red Hood will also be there to party. The former Robin (one of a few), Jason Todd, is least like the rest of the Bat Family. While Batman has abhorred the use of firearms in the more recent comic decades, Red Hood is primarily a gun fighter. He also uses gadgets and traps, which will no doubt serve players well in co-op.

Speaking of, Gotham Knights may be a four-player co-op game after all. Until recently, it was believed that the game would feature drop-in/drop out co-op for a part of two players. But its listing on the PlayStation Store says it can support four-player multiplayer. There’s a pretty good chance this is a mistake, of course. The game may also have an additional mode for more players outside of story content. We may end up knowing the truth after tomorrow’s demonstration.

Gotham Knights‘ Nightwing and Red Hood gameplay will be out in the wild tomorrow morning at 9 AM ET. We’re looking forward to it.

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