Gravity Duck Islands (iOS) Review

As the gravity duck you will travel across 4 islands, while flipping gravity to reach the end of the levels.

Gravity duck islands has built on the simplicity and lack of variety of the original Gravity Duck by adding new mechanics, a jump button becomes the inflate button on the second island, and then a teleport button and also a phase button.

By throwing extra elements into the mix. Instead of just simply making your way towards the end you have to do so as fast as possible to earn stars. There are also ducklings to collect in order to save up to buy hats.

Gravity duck islands has built on the criticisms, however there is one aspect missing, a whole lot of fun. There’s not a whole lot to do, in the game besides the aforementioned levels. This game is a lot deeper and challenging than its predecessor however its still rather lifeless and fails to bring anything to the already saturated iPhone Marketplace.

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