Grounded is getting a full release this September

Grounded is getting a full release this September

Grounded, a backyard survival game from developer Obsidian has been in early access for a few years now. Obsidian has continued to develop the game alongside over 10 million players on Xbox Game Pass, and the game is finally getting a full release. Grounded will get a 1.0 release in September this year. The news comes from a new trailer that was shown during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, and it can be viewed below.

Grounded is a survival game with a unique twist. Originally released into early access back in 2019, the backyard survival game puts players into the shoes of some young teenagers who have shrunken down into the size of ants and must survive against the deadly insects that now loom over them. Some of the previous updates introduced throughout the early access period include making bugs more likely to seek revenge on you, new biomes and bugs, and various quality-of-life improvements.


Grounded has evolved through early access

The 1.0 release of Grounded will finish its run as an early access game, and it comes with some significant new features and updates. Specifically, it will include the 12 updates that were released during early access, as well as the full story campaign.

Obsidian says the campaign will involve unraveling a mysterious story about how the teens ended up shrunken in the backyard and the mad scientists behind it all. The campaign can be played alone or in cooperative multiplayer with friends. The 1.0 release of Grounded will also include the upper yard as an entirely new area to explore. On top of that, there will be new weapons and armor recipes, new secrets, and the addition of a Mantis boss.

Grounded is available to play in early access on PC Game Pass right now, and it will remain on the service after its 1.0 release date in September.

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