GTA 5 Redux Mod: Prepare to get your Jaws Dropped

In the recent reign of Pokémon Go and System Shock news over the internet, it’s surprising and eye-catching to see something new about an all-time favorite game, GTA 5.

A game that amazed every Rockstar Games fan with its great piece of work is nowadays also in the news.

GTA 5 Redux, the most ambitious and stunning Grand Theft Auto mod to date, now has confirmed its release date: August 26. The mod display tons of jaw dropping improvements in terms of visual and many more areas of the game.

Well than, ready to know the of exciting contents of the mod? Here are few of them to get a quick view:





– Brand new, real life, company textures for billboards, commercial vehicles, trailers, bus stops, and taxi ads.

– 4k textures: Plants, tree’s, bushes, grass, fire, explosions, particle effects, water, clouds, sky dome, and more!


  • Water EffectEffects:

– Water splash effects manipulated for more realistic reactions.

– Fully altered blood effects. Larger entry and exit wound blood spurts.



But wait! As I said, the mod doesn’t provide only visual improvements but also…

Game Enhancement

Police and Miltary AI


Officers and military now have new tactics and skill, more advanced weapon load outs, new AI capabilities, and more!





– Brand new weapon smoke, muzzle flash, and barrel trail effects

– New blast radius for explosions, including damage limits, shock wave distance and power.


  • Vehicles:

    Vehicle handling

– Brand new handling for EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE IN THE GAME! (Including heli’s, planes, boats, etc)

– New brake force and drift capabilities.




Keeping the system requirement part aside, there is no doubt that the Redux mod will take the GTA 5 experience to a whole new level with it’s realistic visual improvements and astonishingly detailed graphics.

 Still eager to know each and every detail? Check out the official site and the gameplay video of Redux mod.


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