GTA and Red Dead Online celebrate Christmas with gifts aplenty

GTA and Red Dead Online celebrate Christmas with gifts aplenty

Rockstar is a big fan of the holidays, and it makes perfect sense for the company to share the joy with the many players of its two big hits. Both GTA Online and Red Dead Online are joining the Christmas festivities with a generous blanketing of snow. Both San Andreas, as well as the five states in the old West are now fully into the cold season. For those of us enjoying the adventures of the past, there are now festive decorations adorning the streets, while the modern contemporaries can run around in some appropriate Christmas jumpers to celebrate.

The holiday cheer will last in both games until December 30. There are even carolers making their voices heard, with gifts awaiting players who log in. For Christmas, GTA Online players will receive the Grotti Brioso 300 clothing collection plus additional liveries along with a care package full of explosive ordnance. Of course, Red Dead Online players are not left out either. Cowpokes will receive a new gun variant for free in the form of the Winter Evans Repeater. You will also be presented with a coupon to exchange for a free Coat. Another coupon for a free Repeater is also in the offering.


Holiday gifting

Celebrate in style as new Turkoman breeds come to stables across the states. There are also triple cash and XP bonuses in different game modes. For bounty hunters, there is a bonus of a new legendary target. Now you can put all of that hard-earned cash to good use with the discounts happening around.

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Both Red Dead Online and GTA Online have plenty to celebrate during the Christmas period. The former just launched as a standalone game, with enough content to satisfy for now. The latter, however, has always been at a higher level. With the latest Cayo Perico heist update, it even has more of an emphasis on the single-player experience.

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