GTA Online has the single-player experience on its mind for future content

GTA Online has the single-player experience on its mind for future content

Rockstar has a certain knack for creating experiences that live long both in memory and in constant play. There is the lure of the old West with the Red Dead Redemption games, while its satirical take on modern life via the Grand Theft Auto series is well documented. While those single-player experiences have made their mark on the gaming industry, it is the live-service counterparts that are still getting constant support from the studio. For GTA Online, and to a lesser degree, Red Dead Online, players have been getting more ways to have fun. However, it is mostly devoted to multiplayer affairs. Yet, there is hope. If you are holding out hope that GTA Online will get more single-player content, you are in luck.

With the recent launch of the new Cayo Perico heist for GTA Online, Rockstar’s Tarek Hamad and Scott Butchard were on hand to talk more with GQ. They touched on not just what inspired the many elements of the new heist content, but also what will come next for the future of the online experience.


Pointing to the community’s feedback, the shift for the Cayo Perico heist to one that allows for solo completion was long coming. While Rockstar remains keen to promote co-op play, the team also recognizes that solo players deserve an experience as well. GTA Online still has players that are in it just for a single-player adventure.

Pick your poison

Both ways have their own benefits. If you are going at it with a team, you can split up and do different things at the same time. For those lone wolves, you have the option to go for a more stealthy approach.

Gta Online Has The Single Player Experience On Its Mind For Future Content 1

Just to hammer home the point, Butchard mentioned that moving forward, there will be more of a single-player focus going into GTA Online‘s design. Hamad also chimed in, and reassured fans that Rockstar will continue to tell more single-player stories.

Whether he is talking about Grand Theft Auto VI or GTA Online, it remains to be seen. Be that as it may, it is good to know that Rockstar plans to take care of all kinds of players.

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