Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comics are go

Marvel Comics has launched a pair of new books in its free, online Infinite Comics brand. Here’s your chance to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy in action before they hit stands and screens as one of the biggest new branches of Marvel’s tree starts to grow.

The Guardians of the Galaxy aren’t exactly a new property, they’ve been around for a good long while now. Marvel Comics’ new take on the characters and the roster however, is definitely new.

With Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Drax (The Destroyer), and Groot on the roster, the new Guardians of the Galaxy are poised to not only reemerge into the Marvel comic book Universe, but also the film universe as a major motion picture is moving forward as part of the ‘Phase II’ initiative for Marvel’s movies.

The first two books in the Infinite Comics series for the characters have hit today and given readers a closer look at both Rocket Raccoon and Drax. Infinite is a free online reading experience from Marvel, which is a pretty good deal by anyone’s estimation. The publisher is using it to give fans a chance to get into the characters of Guardians of the Galaxy before they become a bigger part of the Marvel U.

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The next book in the series after Drax and Rocket focuses on Gamora (that’s the preview we have for you above). Her issue will be available on April 3rd and following that will be Groot’s chance to shine on the 23rd of next month.

Personally, I’ll take free comics in whatever form they come in, but I’m blown away by the quality of the Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comics. Marvel hasn’t slouched at all in the art or story department, which is nice to see as these easily could have been treated as ‘throw away’ projects. I’m not even really a fan of these characters (at least, I wasn’t), but I’m seriously looking forward to seeing what’s next for the Guardians.

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