Gumby and Pokey return to comics courtesy of Papercutz

An all new Gumby comic series is on the way, and you can get a taste of it with a special preview story right here.

Clay fighter

A claymation phenomenon, Gumby was a hit with just about everybody. Of course, no one’s really seen much of the little green guy in, well in quite a while. Outside of bendable figures, which have managed to stick around, there’s been nothing ‘Gumby’ for decades.

Enter publisher Papercutz, and a while new era of the oddly-shaped hero is about to begin. The new series will feature a selection of short stories in each issue, true to the theme of the original collection of animated shorts. Each issue will shake out to be 32 pages in total, and each will run you $3.99 USD.

You can catch the very first backup tale below in the gallery. It stars the talents of Kyle Baker, and will see reprint in the first issue of the actual book. That will arrive this coming week, on July 5th.

Also in that issue will be a 10-page story by writer Ray Fawkes and artist Jolyon Yates. That’s not all though. You’ll also find a five pager from writer and editor Jeff Whitman and the aforementioned Yates. And the whole thing will be wrapped up in a cover by Rick Geary. Good stuff.

And if you’re more the trade-waiter type, you’re also in luck. The first three issues of the book will be included in a trade paperback that will hit on November 7th.

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