Hack and slash classic Enclave coming to consoles this fall

Hack and slash classic Enclave coming to consoles this fall

Ziggurat Interactive has been busy, this time with porting Starbreeze’s classic hack and slash title Enclave to the Xbox One, PS4, and Switch.

Sharpening the blade

Originally an Xbox exclusive (then ported to the PC) from Starbreeze, Enclave first hit the scene back in 2002. The game offered dark, gothic visuals and action/RPG gameplay with plenty of swordplay. It had a much more twisting history than I had realized however.

While I played Enclave on the original Xbox, I had no idea that it actually got a re-release. That happened courtesy of TopWare Interactive in 2012. Yep, that recently. It launched for the PC and OS X then, in HD remastered format. And now it’s back once more, this time from Ziggurat.

Working with the previously mentioned TopWare, Ziggurat will be giving the game a brand new overhaul, so it won’t just be the HD remaster again. This time it’ll sport “upgraded visuals and SFX, an enhanced soundtrack with over 20 new tracks, remastered music from the original game’s soundtrack, and more!”

  • Immersive, fast-paced feudal-era combat
  • A massive narrative scope, including two distinct campaigns with alternate endings
  • More than 25 unique missions, plus additional bonus content
  • 12 diverse unlockable characters, each blending elements of traditional character classes in a one-of-a-kind way
  • Challenging boss opponents, each requiring different tactics to defeat them
  • An interactive gameplay tutorial that gets you into the action fast
  • Three different difficulty settings provide the right level of challenge for any player
  • A plethora of varied weapons, collectible objects, consumables, and magic items
  • Surprises around every corner with dozens of scripted event triggers to keep you on your toes
  • Captivating soundtrack paired perfectly with atmospheric sound effects 

In addition to the above, Enclave will finally be landing on a Sony platform too. The game will see release on the PS4, in addition to the Xbox One and Switch some time this fall.

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