Half-LIfe 2 and Portal hit the Nvidia Shield today

A pair of Valve classics have hit Google Play, exclusively for download on the Nvidia Shield.

Yes, these are a pair of ‘old games’, but they’re also two of the greatest games of all time and they open up for an interesting question- could there be a market for quality high-end PC titles on the Shield? If there is, and that market is big enough, then we might very well expect to see some more titles, maybe even more current titles getting releases on Nvidia’s portable powerhouse.

PC game streaming aside (which is a great feature), the Shield plays Android games natively as it’s bread and butter. Both Half-Life and Portal are in that classification as well, with the caveat that they’re only playable on the Shield. If both games are big enough sellers, I could easily see some other publishers testing out the ‘only on Shield’ Android release waters.

Interesting stuff that’ll no doubt be expanded upon when the big E3 show rolls in next month Stay tuned Shield-believers. Both Half-Life 2 and Portal will cost you $9.99 USD each and the Shield itself is on sale right now for $199.99 USD.

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