Halo 3 mod goes head to head with Call of Duty Zombies mode

Halo 3 mod goes head to head with Call of Duty Zombies mode

When it comes to the first-person shooter world, there are arguably a few stalwarts. You have the likes of BattlefieldApex Legends, CS: GO, and of course, the juggernaut Call of Duty franchise. With its stellar multiplayer offerings in both Warzone and the main games, it is hard to fight that blend of features and modes. Of course, things are different if you happen to be Master Chief. The Halo series is also a big player in the space, and a new mod allows  Halo: The Master Chief Collection to muscle in on the popular Zombies mode of Call of Duty in spectacular style.

While the Firefight horde mode already gives us a taste of survival gameplay in Halo, this mod is another experience altogether. An addition to Halo 3, the Zombies mod has been developed by modder Crisp. Over the weekend, players begin entering into the opening jungle map of the game blanketed by a different kind of atmosphere.

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Instead of facing off against undead soldiers, the Flood becomes your main source of fear. However, the mechanics of the Halo 3: Zombies mod should be instantly familiar: survive as long as you can, kill enemies to earn currency, and buy new equipment as you open up the map.

There are even mystery boxes that grant random rewards, with some powerful tools to obtain. You will definitely need those once the more challenging enemies arrive from orbit. If you are looking for something fresh to spice up your Halo 3 experience, this Zombies mod is for you.

Quirky fun

The way this mod implements horror is quietly effective, with the use of the Flood a masterstroke in generating the dread and tension of a struggle to survive. Fans of both franchises should really give it a shot.

The Zombies mod is not the only awesome one out there for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Just a cursory search can turn up several amazing community productions worth a look at. While we await the arrival of Halo Infinite, why not try something different today?

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