Halo Infinite has free-to-play multiplayer, 120 FPS in Arena, and likely a battle pass too

Halo Infinite has free-to-play multiplayer, 120 FPS in Arena, and likely a battle pass too

The discussions over Halo Infinite have been raging since 343 Industries broke its silence at the Xbox Games Showcase this month. The event featured campaign gameplay, but 343 held off on multiplayer, instead promising more information in the coming future. Earlier today, we received the first decent indication of what to expect on the multiplayer side of the game. A leak detailed a Halo Infinite multiplayer free-to-play business model, 120 FPS, and more. The leak has since been confirmed by 343 Industries.

The well-known Xbox leaker Klobrille shared some details earlier today in relation to another recent leak by Irish retailer Smyths Toys. The website specifically mentioned a “groundbreaking free-to-play multiplayer experience” on the Halo Infinite product page. Smyths Toys has since pulled the page, but Klobrille decided to weigh in with additional information.

As previously mentioned, it has now been confirmed that the Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free as a base experience. However, 343 didn’t comment on the battle pass. Given the ongoing credibility of Klobrille’s leaks though, it’s safe to bet on. After all, the company has to monetize the game somehow.

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We can likely expect a premium pass that runs in a seasonal format, which is the industry norm these days. The fact that The Master Chief Collection has seasons already, further lends to this possibility. It’s still unknown if there will be an in-game store, but it’s certainly not out of the question. 343 is sure to let us know soon enough.

Pro performance

In addition to those details, Halo Infinite is now confirmed to feature 120 FPS in Arena gameplay for the Xbox Series X. For reference, Halo 5 and The Master Chief Collection featured 60 FPS, so this will be a big console upgrade. However, for us PC players, this is also good news. This information helps us to compare the Xbox Series X to our own hardware. Anyone with a system similar in performance to the next-generation console can now estimate how Infinite will run for them.

Halo Infinite multiplayer free-to-play

Today’s news is great for anyone interested in trying out the Halo Infinite multiplayer. The free-to-play model provides a chance to try the game without the fear of making a bad purchase. Furthermore, this news better explains how the next Halo game aligns with the developer’s promise of a “10-year plan.”

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In other official news, one of the community managers at 343 Industries just posted a developer’s update, which talked about the Halo Infinite reveal.

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