Halo Infinite skill jumps have returned after 343 gathered ‘strong feedback’

Halo Infinite skill jumps have returned after 343 gathered 'strong feedback'

Halo Infinite Season 2 recently began on May 3, and it introduced some issues along with its new content. In particular, Halo Infinite players were frustrated over developer 343 Industries’ decision to remove skill jumps from online multiplayer maps. But it looks like that change will soon be reverted.

In a post on Halo Waypoint, 343’s community manager John Junyszek said, “It was clear we made a mistake in removing a number of skill jumps from the game.” He went on to mention the return of four skill jumps. These are key door and house panel on Live Fire, double doors on Bazaar, P side edges on Aquarius, and pizza on Streets. Junyszek explained that the jumps were originally removed due to concerns about players not understanding the traversable space on a map.


Skill jumps are specific spots on multiplayer maps where players can perform jumps to reach unexpected areas. They take a lot of practice to get right but offer huge benefits for map traversal. In Halo Infinite, skill jumps worked in tandem with ramp sliding. This was a technique where players would sprint off a small ledge and slide, which would cause them to move much faster. 343 removed several important skill jump locations and reduced the potency of ramp sliding when Season 2 began. Thankfully, it looks like the studio is going back on these changes.

More changes are coming to Halo Infinite

Outside of Halo Infinite‘s skill jumps, the game will receive other updates to address issues and player feedback. For example, a bug that causes weapons to randomly jam will be fixed as soon as possible. Elsewhere, Speed Lines will be able to be turned off properly, the PC version of the game will receive stability improvements, and Equipment Pods in the new Last Spartan Standing mode will feature all equipment instead of only Power Equipment.

The Season 2 update for Halo Infinite took away more than skill jumps. Players were also upset about several bugs being removed that were essential to speedrunning strategies. Thankfully, 343 is reverting some of these changes too. The overpowered Tank Gun will be once again available above Outpost Tremonius. However, 343 is not making promises on other campaign strategies due to concerns with its development of campaign coop.

Halo Infinite desync hit registration latency issues / halo skill jumps

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