Hammerfall Studios crafts a very unique take on Warhammer 40K with Regicide

Warhammer 40K: Regicide is sort of like chess, but with buckets of blood, swords, and grenades. And bolters. And… well you get the idea.

Turn-based strategy is definitely the word of the day with Regicide, but with that unique twist that makes it almost like a game of chess. With the units lining up the way they do and moving into battle across the board, it kind of has that awesome boardgame feel to it too. And since it’s based on the Games Workshop tabletop games, I suppose that’s kind of a good thing.

The Blood Angles chapter of the Warhammer 40K Space Marines star in the single player campaign here, but there’s also that intriguing multiplayer aspect that was talked up in the video above. Plainly, you’ll be able to play cross-platform, PC to mobile, in Regicide, which not too many games are doing these days.

On May 5th, the game will hit Steam Early Access on the PC, and will offer the Regicide – Angels of Blood campaign for free (yes, free). The campaign follows “Guardsman Karthus and his fellow troopers garrisoned the Phaedrus Orbital Station above Hethgar Prime.” After that initial offering, new clans and chapters will fill out the Ork and Space Marine roster, respectively until the game is ready to exit the Early Access section of Steam.

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Sometime after that too, you’ll see the game hit mobiles (no announcement on which handsets yet). At that point, you’ll be able to fire up the game from anywhere, and also engage in that cross-platform play.

So far, so good. Regicide actually sounds pretty neat, and a cool way to dive into a little Warhammer 40K gaming just about any time you feel like it. Watch for lots more on it in the weeks to come.

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