Happy Halloween from Total War: Rome II

Sega and developer Creative Assembly have a special (and free) Halloween treat ready for Rome II players… or is it a trick?

So, not only does the Halloween update (actually celebrating the festival of Lemuria) make the game spookier, but it makes it a heck of a lot harder too. For die-hard Rome II players, that should sound like a pretty big treat indeed, since the game’s no pushover already.

And apparently, if you do somehow manage to complete a campaign while playing in Nightmare Mode, you’ll get yourself a nifty lithe Steam ‘cheevo to call your very own. So what do you say? Are some harpies and an evil fog of war enough to deter you from claiming your prize for Rome?

The update is free to download and available right now- so give it spin… if you dare!! (insert maniacal laugh here)

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