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The ‘Prefect Day’ storyline continues in Harbinger #16 as a teammate commits the seemingly impossible.

After the harrowing ordeals of the past several weeks, the Renegades found themselves enjoying a perfect beachside day and a much-deserved rest. Then it all went horribly wrong. Kris Hathaway, seemingly experiencing a psychotic break and claiming to be following instructions from troubling voices inside the ocean itself, managed to violently attack Torque, bludgeoning him beyond recognition. Has a member of the Renegades murdered one of their own? And if so…why?

Well, it seems (from the preview anyway) that the big guy’s okay. That’s something that’s almost besides the fact though as there’s obviously something seriously wrong with Kris. Also interesting to note is just how fragile Torque is without his psychic projection active. As big and tough as he seems, he’s actually pretty vulnerable without his ‘shell’.

Things are never easy when you’re in a group of runaway Harbingers. Even being in the sun and surf of LA hasn’t helped the Renegades or the constant trouble that seems to follow their leader- Pete Stanchek. Find out what happens with Kris and Torque (I’m guessing he’s gonna be mad) when Harbinger #16 hits the racks from the creative team of Josh Dysart and Barry Kitson on September 18th.

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