Hardcore retro-sidescroller Infernax gets Strange this Halloween

Hardcore retro-sidescroller Infernax gets Strange this Halloween

There’s free DLC arriving for Infernax tomorrow that’ll bring a new character to the tough title. Brace yourselves ya primitive screwheads.

This… is my BOOMstick

If you’re not familiar with it, Infernax is a classically-styled action title, that looks like it fell out of Nintendo’s 8bit lineup. To that end, the game sports an 80s look and is pretty tough too. Unlike a game that might’ve appeared in that era though, it’s a gore-show.

The title stars a prince who’s returned to his homeland from far off wars, only to find it inhabited by hideous monstrosities. At least, it usually does. That’s a new playable hero in Infernax though, and he isn’t 100% who you’re thinking from the teases thus far. Not… 100%.

There are some other influences at play in his design for sure, though it’s undeniable that there’s a good chunk of Army of Darkness happening. After all, there’s that double-barrel. As for the rest, well it certainly seems like our favorite housewares worker has been crossed with Casey Jones from TMNT.

Take a look:

Demon slayers eager to trade a mace for firepower can unlock The Stranger by naming a new save file’s character “stranger”. You’ll then don your sweet hockey mask, fully ready to face horrors beyond the kin of man, and hopefully turn them into a bloody pulp using your not so medieval arsenal of unlikely weapons. The badass shotgun that the Stranger comes equipped with packs a serious punch, both to the receiver and the giver. So be wary of where you use it ‘cause the kickback is real y’all. Wouldn’t want you to fall into the abyss right after exploding some demonic vermin; that would be a real shame.

The Arcade Crew press release

Infernax is out now for Xbox and PlayStation platforms, Switch, and PC. The update should be out tomorrow, October 24th, and as you can see above, is unlockable by simply typing your name as “stranger” when starting a new game.

If you’re still on the fence about Infernax, click here to check out our review of the base title.

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