Harmonix and Disney announce Fantasia: Music Evolved

June 4, 2013
News, Xbox 360, Xbox One


Rhythm game masters and Rock Band creators Harmonix have joined up with the house of the mouse for a new take on a classic with Fantasia: Music Evolved.

Set to ba an Xbox 360/One exclusive title, Fantasia: Music Evolved is the first big retail launch for Harmonix in a while and is definitely something different for the developer. The roster of acts included in the game looks to be a mix, but with mainly current ‘top 40’ acts taking the fore.

I have to note here that even though this game is called Fantasia, I don’t see a whole lot of the Disney classic cartoon represented in the above trailer save for a few pretty colors. Now it could be that there’s a lot more to come at E3 about Fantasia and we’ll be looking at dancing brooms aplenty at that time. That’s more than likely the case, but it’s still worth a mention that there doesn’t appear to be too much in the way of ‘Fantasia’ in Fantasia.

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