Hasbro adds a 90s touch to Kingpin figure for exclusive re-release

Much like the Mysterio figure that’s been floating around, this newly announced Marvel Legends exclusive Kingpin is all 90s.

The Kingpin of Crime

We’ve seen a whole bunch of incredible throwback packaging from Hasbro over the last few years. From their Star Wars anniversary figures, to their homages to Toy Biz’ 90s X-Men and Marvel SuperHeroes lines, it’s been fantastic.

I actually wonder why they don’t just make the change to the classic blister cards (from the modern boxes) a permanent thing. It seems like it’d take less to make, and be cheaper too. That’s not mentioning either that they’re a heck of a lot better looking.

In any event though, the classic packing is still a ‘limited’ type of thing. And so when we get new ones it’s worth noting. That includes for the Kingpin here, which is one of the few to have a ‘Spider-Man’ 90s cardback.

While you might know him as a Daredevil villain, the character was a huge (no pun intended) part of the 90s animated Spidey TV series. Kingpin is a monster of a figure, and is essentially a re-release of the Build-A-Figure that was included with an earlier Spider-Man Marvel Legends wave.

This time around, he’s sporting a revised pain app meant to reflect his appearance in the Spider-Man cartoon. It looks spot on to me, just like the card he’s packed onto.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends 6-Inch Kingpin Action Figure

Kingpin is an online exclusive, and is scheduled to ship this August. He’s $29.99 USD, and is pre-orderable right now from our friends at Entertainment Earth.

As usual, be aware that if you order through EE BrutalGamer will get a small commission.

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