Hasbro shows off wave 2 of G.I. Joe Classified

Hasbro shows off wave 2 of G.I. Joe Classified

If you missed the news last Friday, Hasbro has unveiled wave 2 of their new G.I. Joe Classified line. It’s a series that includes a pretty big surprise.


As far as fan-requested lines of action figures go, a 6″ G.I. Joe line might have been the most wanted ever. All that asking finally paid off earlier this year, when Hasbro announced the toys at Toy Fair.

Now months later, wave 1 is out there (sort of), and we have the official announcement of wave 2. I… guess? I’m wondering if there might be more to be revealed actually, since as full waves of action figures go, this is a disappointingly small one.

Wave 1 had a total of 5 figures, which is fine. Wave 2 though, as we see it now, only has 3. Well, 4 if you count a variant. Yes, we have a variant in the line already. And yes, it does seem a little soon for that. Honestly though, it is kind of a fun figure, and is definitely a niche fave of long time Joe fans.

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Known as Pimp Daddy Destro since its intro at a Joe-Con years ago (in 3.75″ form), “Profit Director Destro” has a golden mask, and… dubiously designed clothing. He uh, he looks like a “Profit Director” alright. He also includes a stack of cash with a fiery effect coming off of it, which is admittedly pretty awesome.

Other than Laird McCullen, wave 2 also includes classic Joe Gung Ho, Cobra Commander (who we’ve seen already), and a Red Ninja. I have to admit that I’m a little shocked there’s no Cobra Trooper or Vipers of any type included, especially since we’ve seen the Alley Vipers on the promo poster. Then again, you never know, we might see them later in the year, or maybe wave 2 hasn’t been fully revealed yet after all.

Either way, I’m sure we’ll see some more Cobra’s before long. And it’s so far so good, as Joe’s new line takes shape.

You can pre-order all of the above from our friends at Entertainment Earth right now. As usual, if you order via the links here, BG will make a small commission from the sales.

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