Head into the deep dark in the new Abyss Odyssey trailer

Atlus’ latest shows off plenty of in-game footage in this newest trailer.

An old school platformer with plenty of modern conventions to keep fans of the genre happy, Abyss Odyssey looks like it might be a winner. What you saw above, according to Atlus, was ‘raw gameplay’. So there wasn’t any handholding in that and it was just a (lengthy) segment of actual play through the game.

Aside from the graphics (which are looking pretty terrific) Abyss Odyssey has online and local (yay!) co-op, procedurally generated levels, and that very interesting ‘shifting’ difficulty level. I love the idea behind that since it not only makes the level layout different, but also can dish out a tougher challenge which really could have a hefty impact on the gameplay experience. We’ll see how it works in practice, but that alone is something that could change up the platform genre quite a bit.

As to when you’ll be able to find out what Abyss Odyssey is all about, that game is scheduled to hit the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC next week on July 15th.

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