Head’s up collectors, Entertainment Earth is having a statue sale

Statues aren’t something that you see mass-discounted all that much, so this new sale at Entertainment Earth is worth noting.


Taking a page out of the video game handbook, retailer Entertainment Earth is holding a buy-one-get-one sale right now on statues. It seems to be pretty wide reaching, as far as included pieces, and the prices are quite nice.

Basically, you guy one statue and you get another at 40% off the usual price tag. That can be a pretty big discount, depending on what you’re looking at. Just remember that, usually, these kinds of sales mean that you get the lowest priced item at discount. So gage what you’re putting in your cart accordingly.

I took a quick scan of the sale pages though, and there’s some very cool stuff. The Super Powers DC superheroes statues in particular caught my attention. At only twenty-something bucks a piece, they make nice fodder for a sale like this.

If you’re thinking of buying something though, keep in mind also that both items you get have to be in stock right now. So you can’t buy one thing and get a pre-order to go with it. Or buy two pre-orders for that matter. Still a pretty kick ass sale though, if you ask me.

Get in on it here.

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