Heads up Nintendo fans, there’s a Pokemon Direct coming tomorrow

Pokemon is going to be H O T this year, and Nintendo is kicking things off with… something. Pokemon is set to be chatted about tomorrow.


We’ve just had a pretty phenomenal Nintendo Direct presentation. In that, the company talked up a whole mess of stuff that’s coming up this year, including Mario Maker 2, Link’s Awakening and more.

Now we’ve got another one. And it’s hitting in short order with only a day’s notice.

Tomorrow’s Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct is a near total mystery, with nothing in the way of info revealed as of yet. That’s not shocking or new to those who follow Nintendo’s digital presentations of course, since it’s actually pretty typical.

So what can we expect? Well “…roughly seven minutes of new information…”. That’s not too long, but it could be that Nintendo will be chatting about some project that’s yet to be announced. It’d be plenty of time for that.

If you recall, Nintendo had said that there were unannounced projects coming this year. And though most fans probably figured that was all already revealed during the previous Direct, well, maybe there’s more.

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Tune in tomorrow (February 27th) right here in this post to find out. The fun starts at 6am pacific time.


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