Heads up- PS4 finally gets PC/Mac streaming tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to stream games from both of the top consoles through your PC, and the PS4 will add in Mac as well.

Unless I’m completely mistaken, the Xbox One doesn’t stream to Macs, so in that way, the PS4 has a nice little bonus arriving with an update tomorrow. True, it’s a feature that Sony probably should have adopted a while ago, but in any case, it’s great to be able to finally be able to do some game-streaming through a computer.

Remote Play (which is the same title that streaming to a PS Vita uses) will be both Mac and PC compatible, and will function via a Dual Shock 4 plugged into your computing machine of choice. According to the MCV article where I picked this little nugget up, you’ll be able to appear online or off, check your PSN status, and do a few other things, all of which make the new software sound pretty robust.

As to what you’ll need to be running in order to use any of this, you’ll have to have at least OS X 10.10 on the Mac or Windows 8.1 on the PC. And again, you can look for all this goodness to pop up  and be usable sometime tomorrow through the new PS4 update.

Source: MCV

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