Hearth & Home update will buff tower shields

Hearth & Home update will buff tower shields

It’s Monday, so you know what that means. That’s right, time to leave the comforts of bed and trudge back to work. No, wait, I meant the other thing. Developer Iron Gate AB has released another spotlight video for Valheim – Hearth & Home, this time going over blocking changes and a buff for tower shields.

Last week, Iron Gate went over changes coming to blocking and staggering. In the video, we learned that Hearth & Home will add a stagger bar, which is affected by your health. The team showed off how the update will alter the feel of combat while using a shield. However, Iron Gate didn’t delve too greedily or too deep into shield changes until now.


Valheim – Hearth & Home gives the tower shield a buff, which could finally make it more useful. For the most part, I’ve rarely equipped the clunkier, heavier tower shields in my runs with the game. But that might change with Hearth & Home. Tower shields will now offer a greater amount of knockback when a enemy lands a blow. When they strike the shield, their bodies bounce away, creating a not-so-insignificant amount of distance between you and their blades. Iron Gate suggests that tower shields will be most useful against hoards of foes in the new update. I can imagine one of my allies using the shield almost as a barrier while everyone else takes shots from bows.

Parry this, you casual

Unlike the buff coming to the tower shield, it doesn’t appear if Valheim – Hearth & Home will offer many great changes to other shields. The buckler will still be in the game, allowing you to parry blows. You will also be able to equip yourself with the round shield, which will “continue to be a balanced choice for the standard fighter.” If there are any small or major changes coming to the other, smaller shields, Iron Gate didn’t elaborate.

Valheim – Hearth & Home is still under development, and is scheduled to release before the end of September. The spotlight videos have offered early glimpses into the update, going over the new food system and the stagger mechanic. Next week, the developer will discuss the new food recipes.

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