Hellboy board game spawns first full-sized statue

Have you played Mantic Games’ Hellboy board game? Digging the miniatures? Then you’re going to love the first statue spinning out of it.

Miniatures of doom

The Hellboy tabletop game is a pretty cool title. Not only is it the first one to deliver the property to gamers in three dimensions, but it sports some wicked sculpts on its minis too.

Now one of those minis isn’t going to be ‘mini’ for too much longer. That’s because the company has announced, together with publisher Dark Horse, that they’ll be producing a full-on statue in its likeness.

Sculpted by the creative team at Mantic and Level 52 Studios, and painted by Ed Bradley, Hellboy is looking slick. With full horns grown in, he stands 9″ tall and 7.5″ wide, and is posed upon a cool looking “hellscape” base.

Hellboy here is set to be fairly limited too. He’ll have a 500 piece run, globally. So if you want one, it wouldn’t be a terrible thing to think about pre-ordering. You can nab one on Dark Horse Direct’s site right here, for the price of $149.99 USD.

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Watch for Hellboy to start shipping out this summer, in the July to September time frame.

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