Hellraid crosses swords in new teaser

Techland’s (Dead Island) newest take on the undead pits players against zombies and skeletons in a fantasy setting- complete with plenty of swordplay and spell casting.

I’m already a fan of Techland’s Dead Island games and Hellraid is looking pretty good too. There’s definitely a Heretic/Hexen vibe to it and that is by no means a bad thing.

Hellraid also offers four-player co-op play, which is something that the developer knows a little something about, but adds in a competitive twist. Players entering the game world together will “battle for points, rewards and fame” while they work together (?) to take on the forces of the nether realm.

It seems like competitive co-op might be a very good fit for this kind of a game providing that there’s plenty of loot to grab and monsters to slay for all involved, which certainly looks to be the case from that trailer.

Hellraid is due some time this year for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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