Here comes a new (old) challenger! Guile Sonic Boom’s SFV this month

Joining the roster of World Warriors in Capcom’s latest Street Fighter sequel, Guile is set to renew his quest for his formerly-fallen friend.

Sonic Boom! It just hasn’t been the same without that broom-like haircut and the ol’ flash kick, has it? Sure Charlie has some of the same animations and moves, but he ain’t the Major here. It’s good to have him back, even if he’s not 100% back… just yet.

As you might imagine when talking about the somewhat polarizing SFV, there’s a caveat to Guile’s return to the roster. He’s available for free to all players of Capcom’s latest, but apparently won’t be once the ‘Zenny’ shop opens its doors. When that happens, Guile will have a set of Trials adding, as well as a Story Mode, so there’ll be a little more to the purchase than just a new character. Presumably he’ll be included in a pack with all of the above that you’ll be able to buy. It’s a little fuzzy how it’s left.

The stage shown in the trailer will also be available this month, and it’s a pretty awesome one at that, what with it being his original stage from SFII and all. It’s not free unless you have the Season Pass though, and will run you 70,000FM in the game’s shop according to Capcom. If you do have the pass, then you can download the stage and Guile’s battle costume for free.

No strict date on any of this stuff yet though, but the publisher says it’ll be available for PS4 and PC gamers later this month.

Source: Capcom-Unity

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