Here’s Irish the Hedgehog to wish you a Happy St. Paddy’s

He’s real folks. Irish the Hedgehog is back, for the first time, and ready to wish everyone in Sonic land a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day… in his own way.


I know some of you might be asking who the heck “Irish the Hedgehog” is. I had no idea either. Apparently though, he was a Sonic meme or something about a year ago. I’m kinda fuzzy on the whole thing, and since this is more or less the St. Patrick’s that isn’t, I’m not much in the mood to do the google search.

In any event, Irish is an Irish hedgehog, Sonic style. He’s here with a special message, wishing all the fans a very Happy Saint Paddy’s, and most definitely decked out in the green. Heck he’s even got a little shamrock-shaped pattern on his chest. It’s kind of like a Care Bear.

Anyway, here he is:

Yep, that’s it. He’s not in a game or anything. This is just a fun little video from Sega, to hopefully lift some spirits today and give you a chuckle. That being said though, he is kind of a fun little guy.

Seems a shame to leave him out there with no game to be in. I’m picturing a side-scrolling, 16bit style, buddy-adventure with him and Big. You?

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