Hitman 3 locations revealed, and it’s an exotic romp around the world

Hitman 3 locations revealed, and it's an exotic romp around the world

The conclusion of the World of Assassination trilogy is almost upon us. Hitman 3 is the final chapter in Agent 47’s journey and it will take the iconic assassin to six locations on three continents. According to IO Interactive, each of the mission locations has been crafted to deliver a unique and memorable gameplay experience.

We already know Hitman 3 starts big. Agent 47 and his partner, Lucas Grey, skydive onto the tallest building in the world, which is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. But each of the locations you will visit in-game is memorable in its own way. Right up to the dramatic epilogue that concludes the narrative focused finale. Don’t worry, this Hitman 3 locations reveal won’t spoil any of the game’s story.


Hitman 3 mission locations

Once Agent 47 has concluded his business in Dubai, he travels back in time (figuratively speaking) to Dartmoor in the United Kingdom. Specifically, you’ll be playing detective at Thornbridge Manor for a mission that’s got a murder mystery twist. Yes, you get to kill someone at the end.

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Next on the list of locations is Berlin, Germany. Why Agent 47 is in the city isn’t clear, but the teaser image suggests something shady is afoot.

After that, the pace picks up and Agent 47 arrives in Chongqing, China. You’ll venture into the crammed streets as neon lights assault you from every direction. This megacity is a transport hub, so there are lots of people passing through. IO Interactive also points out that there are plenty of secrets to be found off the beaten track in Chongqing.

The penultimate mission of Hitman 3 takes place in the beautiful Mendoza in Argentina. It’s one of the most well-known Winelands in South America and will give players the chance to explore the sloping hills of a modern vineyard. I’m sure there will be plenty of time for you to sit back and relax.

Last on the list of locations for Hitman 3 is the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. This is where the game’s epilogue is set and is the final mission in the World of Assassination trilogy.

Hitman 3 will release on January 20, but you can already pre-order it through the game’s website or the Epic Games Store. If you’d like to learn more about the final Hitman title before making a purchase, you can take a look at our preview. It also includes an interview with IO Interactive.

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