Rolling Spidey back to his teen years, Marvel Comics is prepping Spider-Man: Reptilian Rage. As the press release says, this is “peak Peter Parker”.


Spider-Man hasn’t been a teenager in Marvel’s Comics Universe for ages. If you want to get historical about it, he was only actually in high school for a few years before Marvel moved him into college.

Yet, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has set its focus squarely on those first years of the superhero’s career. And obviously, that’s something that the publishing wing of Marvel wants to capitalize on. So what do you do if you’re Marvel Comics? Simple, you publish Spider-Man: Reptilian Rage #1.

“Whether you know him from the comics, the films, the games, the animated series…this is a Spider-Man vs. the Lizard tale for you! The story is classic Spider-Man—and it’s peak Peter Parker,” teases editor Mark Basso. “Peter’s got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to land an internship at ESU as a high schooler…but to take it, he’s going to have to choose between helping himself as Peter or helping others as Spider-Man. It’s hardly a choice for someone with his sense of responsibility, but Ralph Macchio and Chris Allen are going to keep you guessing how he’s going to get out of this one.”

Marvel Comics press release

So Spidey fans, are you down with a little retconning trip through time? Spider-Man: Reptilian Rage #1 lands in stores this June.

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