Homefront: The Revolution goes into the Yellow Zone as release date is announced

Philadelphia’s Yellow Zone isn’t a place where average people would want to find theselves, but it’s where revolution ferments in Homefront: The Revolution.

Already looking pretty fantastic, the followup to the original Homefront looks to take the second American war for independence to Philly in a battle that looks like it takes place in a pretty massive ‘Yellow Zone’, which is heavily guarded and occupied by North Korean forces.

But while the Yellow Zone is a dangerous place to exist, there’s really no place that’s overly safe in Homefront’s universe…

Like all her great cities, Philadelphia – once the birthplace of Independence – has been carved into three distinct Zones:

The Red Zones are war-ravaged wastelands, where the first armed uprising against the KPA Occupation was brutally crushed. In these uninhabited and desolate ruins, the Resistance wages constant guerrilla warfare against the KPA…

The Green Zones are the highly militarised command centres from where the KPA exercise their power and control. Iconic landmarks of Philadelphia such as Independence Hall have been repurposed to house the KPA Elites and high ranking American collaborators. Breaching these Green Zones would mean suicide for all but the boldest of Resistance fighters…

And lastly, the Yellow Zones. These are the densely populated areas of Philadelphia, where civilians live in constant fear. A mix of Orwellian police state and ghetto slum, the People are kept under the heel of oppression through permanent surveillance, 24-hour propaganda, and an ever-constant military presence.

Citizens can choose between a bleak existence of forced labour, squalid living conditions and meagre rations, or sell their souls for the relative but seductive comforts of collaboration.

But even here in the Yellow Zone, the Resistance is at work. Hiding in plain sight, blending in with the crowd, and weapons concealed until the last possible moment, the last torchbearers of freedom have vowed to dismantle the KPA infrastructure here piece by bloody piece.

As a Freedom Fighter in the Resistance, you’ll uncover safe houses and other tactical locations from which to mount an attack; you’ll disrupt KPA propaganda, disable their security, and infiltrate and destroy high value targets; you’ll intervene to save civilian lives, or assassinate high ranking officials… each action a step forwards to your ultimate goal – Revolution.

Cheery! While it might not be a happy place to live, the Homefront world sure does sound like a cool place to shoot stuff up in. And I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about the lil’ RC cars. And it looks like I won’t have to wait all that long to play with the game’s selection of toys either, as Homefront: The Revolution is set to arrive on consoles on May 17th.

There’s also a closed beta by the way, that arrives some time soon as well. The beta is available only on the Xbox One, and will have tokens that you can claim soon, via registering on the official site here. We’ll let you know when that goes live.

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