Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak lands on PC this week

Ground-based doesn’t usually fit with the name Homeworld, but Deserts of Kharak introduces just that, and looks pretty great.

Probably not what Homeworld fans were expecting for a followup to the set-in-space strategy hit. Nevertheless, the prequel tale that’s told in Deserts of Kharak looks like it fits in perfectly with what Homeworld is, while adding in tons of new elements.

Oh, and featured in that trailer above are your enemies in the campaign, the Gaalsiens. The Gaalsiens are zealots you see, and they don’t really care for you tromping all over their territory, even if it is to try and save the world and the whole of humanity. Yep, there’s gonna be trouble.

Look for Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak on the PC this Wednesday, January 20th, and there’s a little bit of a deal to be had as well. If you own the recently released Homeworld Remastered on Steam, then you’re in for a cool 20% off the asking price for the new game.

And if you don’t have that remastered version of the classic original then you might want to pre-order Deserts of Kharak right now (also on Steam). Why? ‘Cause Homeworld Remastered is included for free if you do.

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