Horror romp GTFO implements matchmaking as part of new update

Horror romp GTFO implements matchmaking as part of new update

Facing scary things alone can be a tough time, but that doesn’t mean it gets any easier even with people by your side. Take the cooperative shooter that is 10 Chambers’ GTFOThe Early Access game has you and your teammates go up against monstrosities in less-than-welcoming environments. Even if the threat does not scare you, the world will. If you do not communicate, coordinate, and make your shots count, you are in for a bad time. As part of the new Rundown 004 Update, otherwise known as ‘Contact,’ GTFO matchmaking is now a possibility. Fingers crossed for good teammates.

This long-requested feature has been in the works for some time now. The developer felt that it would not have worked well without building a solid foundation for the game first. With things more or less settled, GTFO matchmaking has been introduced in an alpha state. As more players test it out and provide feedback, 10 Chambers will continue to improve the process for a better overall experience. It is all falling into place quite fittingly, considering that October is the perfect month for more spooks.


Horror season

The introduction of GTFO matchmaking continues the game’s concept of content updates known as Rundowns. Every once in a while, new missions are introduced in replacement of the old, and everything takes place in the underground facility known as the Complex. The dangers that lie within are not for the faint-hearted, and it is not as simple as killing them all. You will need to strike a balance between stealth and combat in order to complete your objectives.

With the new Contact update, a layered difficulty system has arrived. Certain maps will differ in difficulty depending on where your team chooses to go. In essence, it can make the game a little more accessible. Coupled with the new GTFO matchmaking system, perhaps more will be willing to answer the call. You can read all about the latest update on Steam.

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