Hot Wheels enters the video game arena with new mobile title

Toy-maker Mattel is getting into video gaming with the first ever Hot Wheels game. Free to play, the title is available now on mobile handsets.

Burning rubber

Hot Wheels is the #1 selling toy in the world* and now we are giving fans an entirely new, free-to-play digital gaming experience,” said Janet Hsu, Chief Franchise Officer at Mattel. “Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is another example of Mattel’s commitment to bring to life our globally-recognized franchises in new ways as part of our transformation into an IP-driven, high-performing toy company.” 

*Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service/G12/Jan-Dec 2018/Total Toys/Units

Janet Hsu, Chief Franchise Officer at Mattel

I had no idea that Hot Wheels was still that big. A very well known brand sure, but “the #1 selling toy in the world”? That’s a stunner honestly. But with that being the case, it certainly makes sense that Mattel would want to bring the brand into the video game space.

That’s just what they’ve done with Hot Wheels Infinite Loop. The new racer has a crash-happy focus, and stars a whole bunch of Hot Wheels rides. Unlocking new cars is a big part of the new title, with classic Wheels like the “Bone Shaker™, Twin Mill™, Rodger Dodger™ and more” all included.

Here’s a peek at it in action:

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is available now on iOS and is free to play.

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