Hot Wheels Unleashed: Guide and features hub

Hot Wheels Unleashed: Guide and features hub

Developed by Milestone, Hot Wheels Unleashed brings the classic toy car franchise to life. Using the Unreal Engine, both the vehicles and the environments are brought to the virtual world with accurate detail. This is combined with a suite of track and car customization tools, allowing users to let their imaginations run wild and share their creations with the rest of the game’s community.

The game features a literal toy chest load of different vehicle models based on many different properties, including classic designs like the Twin Mill, and even models of licensed vehicles from manufacturers like Audi, Dodge, Chevrolet, and more. In addition to this, the game features several rollercoaster-style tracks that bend, weave, and loop their way through five different environments: College Campus, Skatepark, Garage, Basement and Skyscraper.

With that in mind, here’s our guides and features hub for Hot Wheels Unleashed. We’ll update this over time, adding in plenty of helpful guides to get you on your way in the virtual Hot Wheels world.


Hot Wheels Unleashed: Guides and features hub

Features and starter guides

  • Official reviewHot Wheels Unleashed seeks to replicate the physics-defying, high-octane action that the real-life toy sets achieve. Basically, it’s as if the aim is to bring to life the intense action that we imagined as kids while the cars were being propelled up, down and over furniture merely by the power of little hands and an overactive mind.


  • Dictionary to Drifting Dominance — Drifting is a key element to beating the competition in Hot Wheels Unleashed. Here’s how to master it properly and keep yourself ahead of the pack while also looking stylish.


  • Boosting Boot Camp — This seemingly simplistic arcade racer features a surprisingly intricate boosting system. Mastering it is essential to winning every race and pulling off insane maneuvers.


  • How to buy, sell, and upgrade cars — With so many cars to enjoy in this toy box celebration, here’s the guide to cultivate your perfect collection.


Hot Wheels Unleashed is available via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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