How does a Telltale produced Star Wars, Halo, or Half Life game sound?

The company, who has breathed new life into the Adventure Game genre, would just love to work on some of the biggest IP’s around.

Now don’t get too excited just yet, because there’s pretty much nothing to this as of present. Still though, just the idea of Telltale (The Walking Dead) working in the Star Wars or Halo universes is a tantalizing one to say the least. Even though it’s just thought right now, it’s worth mentioning- not to mention finger-crossing and just a wee bit of hoping.

Company co-founder Dan Connors recently told that he believes Telltale could “do a great Star Wars story game” – especially (as he points out) since many of the staff members are Lucasarts alumni. I have to agree there, and that’s something fans of the sci-fi epic have long been denied. Even in the heyday of Lucasarts’ Graphic Adventure supremacy, a Star Wars point-n-click was never in the cards. I have to believe that one produced now (or maybe released in conjunction with the new set of films that are on the horizon, post-Disney buyout) would be a massive hit for all involved.

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Going a little further, Connors then went on to say that he loves the idea of building out the worlds of sci-fi game juggernauts like Half Life and Halo as well. Something tells me that the fans would be just fine with that too.

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