How many chapters are in Forspoken — Guide

How Many Chapters In Forspoken Chapter List Guide

The narrative arc of Forspoken takes you to multiple regions of Athia. You’ll meet several characters, some of whom are good and some are downright evil. You’ll then tackle a slew of objectives, culminating in pulse-pounding battles. So, how many chapters are in Forspoken and what do these story beats entail? We discuss these topics in our campaign breakdown guide.

Note: We’ll have a Forspoken guides and features hub soon, so stay tuned. Likewise, please be reminded that the second half of this guide contains spoilers.


Forspoken campaign story guide — How many chapters in Forspoken?

No Spoilers: What Are the Chapters in Forspoken?

There are 13 chapters in Forspoken. To be clear, you can expect lengthy romps all across Athia in some of these, while others are fairly short (i.e., one even has a bunch of cutscenes only). These are the chapters in the campaign:

  • Chapter 1: Attachments
  • Chapter 2: Stuck
  • Chapter 3: The Interloper
  • Chapter 4: What Must Be Done
  • Chapter 5: Might and Main
  • Chapter 6: Damned If You Do
  • Chapter 7: The Hue Of Blue
  • Chapter 8: The Truth Will Out
  • Chapter 9: Breaking Point
  • Chapter 10: None the Wiser
  • Chapter 11: Forspoken
  • Chapter 12: Awakening
  • Chapter 13: Keeper of the Peace

As mentioned in our game length guide, you’ll probably spend around 15 hours if you’re focusing on the main story. You’ll tack on dozens of hours more if you plan on exploring every nook and cranny in Athia. Now, the above just notes that names of the chapters. As for what each one entails, we’ll add more info below. However, be forewarned that there are spoilers.

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Spoiler Time: What Happens in These Chapters?

We can break down the 13 chapters in Forspoken into several arcs. They’re interconnected, as you can expect from a role-playing game. However, each grouping deals with a key objective:

  • Intro: Chapters 1, 2 and 3 – These serve as the introductory chapters in Forspoken. You play as Frey, who lives in New York with her cat Homer. She gets whisked away to the land of Athia. You’ll find yourself in Junoon and you’ll receive Earth Magic. Then, you’ll go to the city of Cipal (which has the most unnecessary stealth section in the history of video games).
  • Praenost: Chapters 4 and 5 – You’ll travel southeast to the region of Praenost. There, you’ll battle Tanta Sila to acquire Fire Magic.
  • Interlude: Chapter 6 – You’ll be back in Cipal, and there’s a rather corny event that’s happening.
  • Avoalet: Chapters 7, 8 and 9 – Frey will go to Avoalet to the south. This is where you’ll fight Tanta Prav to obtain Water Magic. Also, Chapter 9 is hilariously short. You’ll simply leave Avoalet and fast travel to Cipal to watch a cutscene.
  • New York-ish: Chapter 10 – This takes place in an illusion, which leads to a boss battle against the Senseless Savant.
  • Point of No Return: Chapter 11 – The reason I call this the point of no return is twofold:
    • You’ll visit the region of Visoria in the southwest. There, you’ll lose your magic powers. As such, you don’t really have a choice except to continue onward. Thankfully, you’ll regain them after a very time-consuming trek. You’ll also acquire Lightning Magic.
    • Another downside is that you’ll lose your “map ping” action. Exploration would take a backseat since you might miss points-of-interest unless you’re very close to them. Your only recourse is to progress further to complete the campaign.
  • Finale: Chapter 12 – This is it, you’ll be facing the final boss.
  • Post-Campaign: Chapter 13 – And, once you’ve beaten your foe, you’ll return to a fully-repaired Cipal. This is the post-campaign chapter in Forspoken. You’ll be able to tackle some sidequests and roam around to grab the other collectibles in the game world.
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Forspoken is available via Steam.

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