How to acquire more Leather and Steel upgrade materials

How to acquire more Leather and Steel upgrade materials

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty players will spend a lot of time in combat. Surviving requires a combination of practice, skill, and ideally, the right equipment. Some of the first gear you find may stay with you for a long while. That’s especially true if you have the blacksmith regularly update it. She needs materials to do that, however. Here is our guide on how to acquire more Leather and Steel upgrade materials in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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How to acquire Leather and Steel upgrade materials in Wo Long

You can upgrade your weapons at the blacksmith’s shop in exchange for Steel upgrade materials and copper. To upgrade armor, you need Leather upgrade materials and copper. The copper you acquire when defeating enemies, or by selling off gear you don’t need. The other materials are trickier.

To acquire plenty of Leather and Steel, travel to Main Battlefield and Sub Battlefield areas, or salvage certain unwanted equipment. As you complete additional stages on your way through the campaign, you can revisit battlefields you’ve already cleared. Sub Battlefield areas also appear, with differing objectives. You can revisit each of these destinations as often as you like. That fact lets you grind for components.

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As an example, a Sub Battlefield called “The Lost Sacred Artifact” awards several items upon completion, including 4 of the Rank 5 Leather material. You can also find other materials and gear on your way through the battlefield. These are generous prizes as they first become available. Several runs through the battlefield will let you upgrade 4 pieces of armor, from gear level 4 to 5. That’s an entire armor set.

The second way to find upgrade materials is to salvage gear you have acquired but don’t need. For example, suppose you find the Dual Rooster-Crowing Halberds +4. By the game’s midway point, you might find these with some frequency. You don’t need a bunch of the same equipment. If you salvage them at the blacksmith’s shop, you’ll obtain a single Rank 4 Steel and some Jewel Fragments. Some salvaged items even give up additional surprises, such as jewel abilities. It’s not as lucrative as a battlefield run, but it helps.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Blacksmith Salvage Equipment

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Try to spend most of your resources leveling up only equipment that has a rarity rank of 4, so you can apply several jewel enhancements. In general, equipment with a lower rarity should instead be salvaged for materials. That way, you don’t have to grind as much when you acquire new equipment and want to improve it. And since you need plenty of copper for blacksmithing, it’s also helpful to sell any base-level equipment you don’t need. Then salvage any undesired gear with better rarity, jewels, or upgrades.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and PC Game Pass.

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